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A quality safe is only as good as its lock

14 Dec

Working with safes is probably one of our favorite aspects of the locksmithing.   The challenge of cracking a safe or vault is exciting but you must have proper training and the right tools to be successful.  But also we enjoy fitting clients with the safe that is right for them, their lifestyle as well as their budget.   Whether you are looking for a new safe or locked out of a safe , you should talk to our specialist, Joe, before you move forward.   Here are a few industry standard safe locks:

Common Commercial Locks & Hardware

14 Dec

There are many components that are important to look at when dealing with commercial locks and hardware.  In addition to the lock itself you must consider door closers, panic bars, alarm locks, buzzer systems, and access control to name a few.  We will go into further detail about this in a future blog.  Until then, here is a list of common brands  that are great choices for your commercial property needs:

Common Residential Locks

14 Dec

There are many situations that might call for new locks on your home.  Do you want to upgrade your locks for higher security?  Are your locks not working properly?  Do you want to match a new lock to the existing hardware?  Whatever the reason,  you might be surprised as to how many choices there are out there.  Here is a list to help you make an informed decision about choosing the best locks for your home.   Have any questions?  We are a phone call away.

Standard Locks

High Security Locks