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What kind of Safe is right for you? A guide to choosing the best safe for your lifestyle.

16 Feb
“A safe is a secure lockable box used for securing valuable objects against theft or damage.” ~Wikipedia 
If you are looking to purchase a safe, there are many factors to consider including burglar resistance, fire resistance, type of lock and location to name a few.   Our goal is to assist you in researching what kind of safe fits your needs best.  From there, our safe technician will work with you from start to finish including installation, and hands on instructions for use.   Here is a list of some of the options available:



1. Record Safe – A record safe is for just that, important records or documents that you want to keep protected.   These (and other fire resistant safes) are rated by amount of time they will protect the contents from the elements, high temperatures or actual fire.   These are very useful, yet they are potentially more easily broken into than a higher security safe.

2. Burglary SafeA burglary safe is another way to refer to a higher security safe.  They are rated by  their resistance to the type of tools that are used to attack (or break in attempt) and also the duration of the attack.  It is not a given that a burglary safe will be fire resistant.


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A BF safe provides more security and fire resistance


3. BF (Burglary-Fire) SafeThese safes offer the higher security of the burglary safe and the fire resistance of a record safe combined.    Price is dependent on the length of time that the safe can withstand fire/heat/tampering. PICTURED

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Wall Safes can be easily hidden for extra security


4. Wall SafeDue to the safe actually being installed into the wall, the location and depth of the wall dictates how big the safe can be.   If there is space behind the wall for the safe to go deeper, you must support the back of the safe as well, since it is very heavy and could be unstable if not secured.   (Picture a window air conditioning unit without the back being supported.. Look out below!!)  A big plus to a wall safe is that  they offer a great deal of security.  Since they can be hidden behind a picture or wall hanging, most likely no one will even know it is there.  These are mostly not fire resistant since a wall cannot usually hold that amount of weight.  PICTURED


Floor safe locksmith thousand oaks moorpark

Floor safes are round or square in shape


5 . Floor SafeThese safes are very secure.  When installed into concrete, a floor safe is fire resistant.  But these safes do have their drawbacks.  They are usually more difficult to access if you have limited mobility or have trouble getting on the ground (not to mention getting back up!).  Once you are on the ground and have opened it, the contents can be difficult to reach/get to.  The floor safes have limited shelving and usually contents needs to be moved around to get to what you were looking for when you opened the safe in the first place. PICTURED

6 . Gun Safe These can be pretty large/tall depending on the contents.   Gun safe interiors are mostly customizable.  They are not usually fireproof but you can find some that are.  You would probably need to have A gun in order to require A gun safe.

7.  Jewelry Safe – Jewelry safes are burglary and fire safes made specifically to house jewelry and valuables. These high end safes are typically manufactured with interior jewelry chests of fine woods and fabric liners with a range of organizational configurations*.  These safes are more similar to a vault due to being considered high security.  They can stand alone or be installed or attached to a floor or wall.  They vary in size and are very heavy.

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Example of a deposit safe

 8. Deposit Safe  –  A deposit safe is  a burglary safe with a secure one way drawer.  Also referred to as a night safe.  PICTURED

Vaults are difficult to open

9.  Vault –  ‘A secure space where money, valuables, records, and documents can be stored. It is intended to protect their contents from theft, unauthorized use, fire, natural disasters, and other threats, just like a safe.  But unlike safes, vaults are an integral part of the building within which they are built, using armored walls and a tightly fashioned door closed with a complex lock’*. PICTURED

This is just a list of some of the more common choices one has when looking for a safe.  There are also safe deposit boxes, cash boxes, diversion safes to name a few but it all comes down to what you need now and for the future.   Safes can be expensive at first glance, yet you must look at what you are paying for over time.  A quality safe can protect your valuables for over 100 years if not more. 

Brucar Locksmith is available to assist you in finding the safe that fits your security needs and your budget.  Call 805-497-4200 to make an appointment with a safe specialist.   As with all of our locksmith and safe services, we are always here to answer questions…free of charge.  Toll free 866-717-KEY (539). 

*referenced Wikipedia

Brucar Locksmith is your local safe specialist in Thousand Oaks and Ventura County

Brucar Locksmith = trained safe specialist

Are my doors ready for the rainy season?

29 Dec


Southern California is known for its weather. 

It is easy to get comfortable in our warm dry environment with it being sunny and warm with little moisture on most days. 

But don’t be fooled!   It does get cold!  Then come the forecasts: RAIN!   Sometimes for days with no break.  This past week for example, we had record rainfall

Aside from the very real dangers of mudslides due to fire damage, and slippery roads due to the buildup of oils on the roads mixing with rain water, we have noticed another lingering issue that arises during these periods of wetness.  When it rains, moisture causes many wooden doors to swell, which makes locking a deadbolt difficult, if not impossible.  It does not matter which brand of lock you have: Schlage, Kwikset or even Baldwin. This is a matter of the door, not the lock.   

Getting to this point where the deadbolt does not fit perfectly into the door frame, happens over time.  Here are a few warning signs and tips to check if your doors are heading in that direction:

  • It is difficult to lock the deadbolt, either with key from the outside/inside or with thumb turn from inside.  If you need to use pressure to lock or unlock your deadbolt with your key, chances of that key breaking in the lock are high and can cause a major inconvenience for you.
  • The gap at the top of your door between the door frame and actual door is noticeably uneven.  Slight unevenness is normal due to the weight of the door pulling at the hinges but a larger difference in the gap is an indicator of bigger problems to come…if you don’t take care of it now. 
  • You have installed weather stripping and you must use pressure to close the door and lock the deadbolt.

 Just in the past week, Brucar Locksmith has gotten numerous calls from clients that had trouble locking their deadbolt due to the door swelling.  Many of these clients had issues with their deadbolt prior to the rain but kept putting it off.  We can understand that, being human and all.  But what if we told you that taking care of your deadbolts and doors now, instead of waiting until next week or month, could save you money and time? 

One of the most important things you can do to keep your family and home safe and secure is to make sure your doors and locks are working properly now.  Things will come up whether it be a burglary attempt or some rain.  No one plans for this.  Don’t get stuck outside this rainy season. 

Bottom line, everything should work and move smoothly and easily.  If that is not the case with your home or office, give us a call.

Common Commercial Locks & Hardware

14 Dec

There are many components that are important to look at when dealing with commercial locks and hardware.  In addition to the lock itself you must consider door closers, panic bars, alarm locks, buzzer systems, and access control to name a few.  We will go into further detail about this in a future blog.  Until then, here is a list of common brands  that are great choices for your commercial property needs: