Conejo Valley Days 2016

13 May


We have a booth at Conejo Valley Days this year. It’s the 60 th anniversary of the event, so we felt it was important to represent. Here is a picture of sunset Friday night and we are looking forward to a great weekend!


Had to share this outstanding review

15 Jul

Brucar Locksmith and it’s employees really try to go above and beyond for their customers.   Getting positive feedback feels good because it is proof that the hard work is paying off. It also really helps get the word out there to those who don’t know about Brucar.  If you have a good experience in either or storefront or when a technician came to you, please share if you have the time!   This is from 6.23.2015 from Yelp.

“We’ve used many locksmiths over the 20 years we’ve lived in the Conejo Valley and have had some unpleasant experiences.  Locksmiths not showing up on time, providing shoddy workmanship at unfair prices, and simply rude or unprofessional behavior seem more the norm than the exception.  All that changed for us the first time we used Joe at Brucar Locksmith.  If there is ever a business that deserves an exceptionally high Yelp review it is this one.  Their response time is incredible and not once has Joe shown up for a job later than promised.  He is about as courteous and professional as any tradesman I have ever used, and not only that, he is a really likable  guy.  Our Baldwin locks are somewhat complicated and we’ve had other locksmiths have problems repairing them.  It is  obvious Joe is a true expert at his craft the moment he goes to work.  Confident, quick and a perfect outcome every time at prices that are unbeatable.  I will honestly never call another locksmith and would recommend Brucar and Joe to anyone looking for the very best in both service and value.”

Don’t go at it alone! We offer professional advice for FREE

22 May

Buying a new gate that you plan to install a ‪lock‬ on? Talk to a ‪‎locksmith‬ before hand so that what you want can not only be done, but done the way you want it.

Brucar Locksmith is always willing and able to be a part of the planning process, so that when it is time to install locks, there are no surprises.  Know you have a professional on your team to help you make educated decisions regarding doors‬, locks, ‪‎keys‬, ‪gates‬, ‪‎safe‬ etc.

There is no cost for offering our professional advice. Call today for assistance in choosing locks for a new door, gate or if you are looking for a safe but just don’t know what is best. 805-241-0777

Brucar Locksmith earns Angie’s List 2014, 2013, 2012 Super Service award

15 Mar
Customer service is what our company is built on.  Brucar's locksmith's are knowledgeable in all facets of locksmithing: residential, commercial, safes and auto, for the ultimate service experience.

Customer service is what our company is built on. Brucar’s locksmith’s are knowledgeable in all facets of locksmithing: residential, commercial, safes and auto, for the ultimate service experience.

Just find a locksmith you trust! Then you can never need one.

1 Jul

As any small business, Brucar Locksmith works hard to get the attention of new clients while also working even harder to retain current clients.  How we do that is with great service and reasonable pricing.  And honesty.

Not every locksmith company is that way, or what they seem.   This has been discussed time and time again by us and other locksmiths around the country.   But at some point we thought, why perpetuate fear??   Instead,  we chose to focus on all of the positive reasons you should use Brucar Locksmith (or any legitimate locksmith that you trust), and limit focusing on all the negative reasons to be wary of the infestation of fake locksmith companies that pop up on local searches for locksmiths.

We learned pretty quickly that we can’t beat them.  Them, being the locksmith scammers.  They are all over Google and Yahoo and Bing maps, little red pins of hope for someone who is searching for a professional locksmith company with a store:  to get a key copied, or get a lock rekeyed or fixed without paying for a service call, or most likely, for an emergency lockout.

So instead of pouring money into advertising, we did what we do best.  We advertise locally, and most importantly, have reached out to our community.  Brucar Locksmith will always make sure our clients, old and new, feel safe, respected and well taken care of.  That is our plan for success.

Recently, there was a report on ABC’s The Lookout that focused on the issue I mention above.  Locksmith scammers.  Fake Google listings. Fake addresses.  Locksmith companies that advertise as local but are the furthest thing from it.  What we already know was solidified and the plan was to share the video on this blog.

To round out the post, we had an emergency call in the evening right after the ABC show aired.   At 2 am we got a call from a woman locked out of her home.  When we got there and opened the door for the exact price quoted on the phone, the woman told us that we were not the first locksmith she called.  She Google searched and saw that there was a closer locksmith that advertised as being in the Janss Marketplace in Thousand Oaks.  She also knew who Brucar Locksmith is.  She has seen our vans, seen our storefront.  But at 2 am, she chose to call the company that seemed to be closer to her.

Her account of what happened when this “Janss Marketplace locksmith” arrived could have been a part of the ABC expose!!  The person arrived in an unmarked personal car and immediately told her that he would drill and the cost would be minimum 8x what was quoted on the phone. (let me say that sometimes, drilling IS NECESSARY! The difference is the locksmith using drilling as a last resort as opposed to the first thing he does).  The client told us she felt that something was wrong and refused the service which turned into the “locksmith” bargaining with her.  Ultimately, she handed him $20 to cover the quoted service call fee and called Brucar Locksmith.

If you have met us, or used our locksmith services, please take a moment to put our number-805-241-0777, into your phone under LOCKSMITH.  And if you are one of the people who think they will never need a locksmith? We truly hope that you never do.  But why not just be prepared?

“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

Here is the link for the video if you missed it! Just copy and paste into browser.—Busted-/fa313beefe244f1b90db71ad2dc03b92

Listen to a professional: LOCK YOUR DEADBOLT!

22 Feb

Please read and share:

There have been more and more robberies and break ins in Thousand Oaks and surrounding areas recently.  We know this because Brucar Locksmith has been called to rekey many of these homes and do a security check, after the fact.  Time and time again we hear that the deadbolt was not locked.  Listen, we live here too, and even though it is a relatively safe community, it is our duty to be proactive and use the tools we have to protect ourselves and our families.  In this case, it is the simple turn of a deadbolt.
1. If you do not have a deadbolt on your door(s) leading to the  outside please get one.  We can advise on what you need and install for you. We guarantee excellent service and competitive pricing.
2. Have you given out a lot of spare keys over the years?  Did you just move into a new home/condo?  Please schedule an appointment to rekey your locks.  You do not need to change the hardware, just a fresh new key that only you have.

3. Interested in knowing if your locks are easily broken into? Interested in higher security lock options?  We are trained in MulTlock, Medeco, Schlage Primus and other high security lock options for your home or office.  Just give a call to schedule an assessment.

Brucar Locksmith is here for your 24/7.  Please put our number in your phone 805.241.0777 or LIKE us on Facebook so if you ever need a local professional, you will not have to search.  In a time of emergency, you should  already know who to call. Hey, we even have a toll free # ! 866-7171-KEY (539)

Thank you for reading and have a great, safe weekend and don’t forget to lock your deadbolt!!


LOVE these unique keys!

12 Feb

We have a few different Valentine’s Day themed key blanks in stock.  Bring yours or your loved one’s house key in to Brucar Locksmith’s storefront and you can get a working duplicate in no time!  Makes a unique, thoughtful gift for anyone!  Happy Valentine’s DayImageImageImage

Check out our selection of painted ‘fun’ keys available at the store….

29 Jan

Keys range from $4.99-$6.99 and are available in either Schlage or Kwikset.   We can also order specific NHL, NBA, NFL keys for you at no extra charge.

Click on a picture to enlarge

Robbery at Gunpoint in Thousand Oaks. Please read and share to keep you and your family safe.

1 Nov

I arrived at work this morning to this article in my newsfeed about a woman robbed at gunpoint at her home.  In Thousand Oaks, from the  TO Acorn.

Amazed that this happens in our safe community of  Thousand Oaks, I am most concerned with the fact that: “The men had entered the home through an unlocked side entrance, said TOPD Sgt. Eric Buschow.”  Of course it could have been a simple part of her morning routine, and that she had JUST gone out that door to let a pet in, or to water the plants.  But it could have also been just unlocked.

Unfortunately, there is cause to be extra cautious.  Not to be an alarmist, but PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LOCK YOUR DEADBOLT on EVERY door leading to the outside!

Don’t have a deadbolt you say?  Call 805-241-0777 and have one installed. Professionally.

Won’t ever happen to me, you say?  Please see article.  We live in a safe community, yet taking basic precaution is paramount!   We are so glad she was not hurt.
Brucar Locksmith has a storefront AND 24/7 mobile service.  Our professionals can fix locks that are not working properly instead of replacing!  We can also provide insight on high security locks, safes and other basic security for your home.  Thank you for listening.  Please be safe.  Please share.

If links did not work, copy and paste into browser:

Fundraiser at Redwood Middle School 6th Grade Orientation

23 Aug

Brucar Locksmith will be doing a fundraiser for the 6th Grade orientation on Friday August 24th from 1-4 pm.  We will be outside the gym, ready to duplicate padlock keys.   We will donate a portion back to the school!

If your middle schooler finds that they have only one key left, we always have these key blanks (and MANY others including cars, mailboxes, homes, padlocks) in stock at our store at 355 E. Ave. de los Arboles (cross street Moorpark, near Trader Joes and Rite Aid).  See the map to your right——->
Store hours are M-F 10-6 and Sat 10-5.  Our trucks are available 24/7 for any locksmith needs or emergencies!

We are proud to be the East Ventura County’s #1 locksmith.  Go Vikings!!

Brucar Locksmith makes keys for your American Padlocks!

Brucar Locksmith makes keys as a fundraiser for Redwood Middle School