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10-16-2012 review from Yelp by Kris O. of Thousand Oaks

We have used Joe to rekey our rental property a couple of times….we originally chose him because his rates are so reasonable but will continue to use him because he is such a good person!

We recently referred him to a friend because she needed to have keys made for her car.  When she told us about her interaction with Joe, I was not surprised that she was delighted with the service. I was grateful that he was true to form and as wonderful as he as always been with us.

Good service and reasonable rates, he has set the standard for how I think a small business should be!

10-5-2012 comment on Brucar Locksmith’s Facebook Page from Helen Arabanos, Westlake Village

Thank you Brucar Locksmith for making my home secure so I could sleep peacefully!

I so so so appreciate you coming out on short notice to change all my locks the other night. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

10-4-2012 review from Yelp by Jenny A. of Oak Park

Joe was great. He went above and beyond to help get us safe and settled in our new house. We will be calling him back for any locksmith needs.

9-14-2012 review from Yelp by Mistilynn of Simi Valley

I met Amy at a Chamber of Commerce networking event and set up to have my house re-keyed. Joe came out, was very friendly and had everything completed quickly. He even commented that I had done a good job in installing the locks myself – nothing was upside down (I’m a bit proud of that!). Quick, reliable, friendly and great prices… doesn’t get better than that.

9-14-2012 comment on Brucar Locksmith’s website from Swinerton Construction (of the new Cinepolis Movietheatre in Westlake Village)

Richard and I want to express our gratitude for a job well done last night. It was amazing how fast you were able to secure parts in a mere few hours when we were told it would take a week, have all the master and sub master keying done on such short notice. You will definitely receive our recommendation on future projects.

9-12-2012 review from Yelp by Phil A of Thousand Oaks

So I am a electrical contractor and I lost the keys to my truck, I had calls to run, and could not get into my tool bin which had my set of spare keys, I called Brucar, and immediately they answered the phone, within 30 minutes there where at my house and was able to get my spare keys and get to work… Thank You Brucar locksmiths you saved my day!!!!                                 Gratefully,                                    Phil Appleton

8-20-2012 review from Yelp by Angie B. of Studio City

We found Brucar on Yelp. We are in Malibu where the pickings are slim when it comes to locksmiths. Brucar is in Thousand Oaks, but Joe came when he said he would, called half an hour ahead to confirm his arrival time, fixed and explained to me our lock problem and then charged me incredibly reasonably. He is a good guy and I would use him again.

8-11-2012 review from Yelp by M.F. of Thousand Oaks

I had an unusual key that OSH was unable to duplicate.  I searched the internet and discovered Brucar Locksmith not too far away.  I met a very cordial and professional Amy, and of course she was able to duplicate my key in record time.  I know where to go if I have needs in the future, and I will definitely recommend Brucar to family, friends and neighbors.

8-8-2012 review from Yelp by Kathy J. of Thousand Oaks

I met Amy at a networking event a while back, so when it came time to replace an elevator key that disappeared, I called to ask how difficult it would be to make a new one.
These are the round keys, like you would find on a safe, so I thought we would need to replace the lock, there is no way they would have the machine to duplicate that key. Instead I found out “they do that”. And everything else you may need regarding keys or locks and then some.
Have you even had keys made at a kiosk and they don’t work? You waste so much time and gas going back and forth, so we were not looking forward to it, but thought “just bite the bullet and get it over with”.
So my husband went to get the key replaced as well as a half a dozen other keys we have been needing. The prices were great, so we didn’t have to take out a second mortgage. 🙂 But the best part… all the keys worked, THE FIRST TIME.
A good locksmith is worth their weight in gold, so I tell everyone about them. If you give them a try, you will be singing their praises too!

6-30-2012 review from Angie’s List by William B. of Newbury Park

Joe Catriel came out, was extremely nice and professional and replaced all the locks extremely quickly.
He even made quick repairs to two doors – one jam was sticking and the other door wasn’t shutting very securely.
He made us a set of keys and we were good to go.  Would definitely use again.  Great experience!

6-29-2012 review from Angie’s List by John N. of Oxnard

Joe rekeyed all the door locks in the house, worked quietly and efficiently amidst chaos and was very professional.
He arrived early per my request and performed all tasks set before him and answered our other concerns.
Responded on just 1 day’s notice and performed all work.

6-17-2012 review from Yelp by Michael G. of Westlake Village

I was on the way out of town and needed some keys made, quickly.  About 73 seconds after walking into Brucar, all the keys were duplicated, and they all worked perfectly.  Very pleased.

5-29-2012 review from Yelp by Reed T. of Thousand Oaks

They made correct copies of my key the first time, and in under two minutes. Their very friendly service and competitive prices made me a loyal customer the first time I visited their shop.

They had a large selection of custom keys and I went with the pink cheetah print for my girl. This way when I pass out and she has to leave late, my dog can walk her to the door and she can lock it herself, and not disrupt my slumber. Cheers

5-18-2012 review from Yelp by Chris F. of Thousand Oaks

Excellent and quick service.  A friend had locked herself out and lost her key, and was afraid there were no additional keys inside her home.  We called this locksmith and he quoted exactly what it would cost to get us in, and how much if we wanted any locks rekeyed.  The price sounded very reasonable, so we went with him.
He was right on time, very polite, very quick and helped my friend identify her front door key immediately from an assortment of random keys she had in some drawers.  We were impressed!
I will call this business again if I ever need a locksmith!

5-15-2012 review from Yelp by Bernard of Moorpark

I called Brucar at around 5:30 pm to see if I could have my locks rekeyed that evening.  They said no problem and that they could be at my place very quickly.  After giving them my home address information, they arrived within 10 minutes.  I had three locks rekeyed and the job was done within 30 minutes.  The work was done quickly and was done very well.  The locksmith was very nice and professional and I highly recommend this company to anyone that needs to have any locks rekeyed.  The price was reasonable and I am very pleased.  The locksmith was also able to provide me with six keys so that I did not have to go to the hardware store to obtain new copies.  I am very happy I called Brucar.

5-8-2012 from Angie’s List by Ellen L. of Thousand Oaks

Young owner was very helpful and made excellent suggestions. He did the work well and I would definitely use him again.

4-17-2012 from Yelp by Jocelyn C. of Thousand Oaks

they were absolutely wonderful, re keyed our new home and installed 3 security locks,, on time and wonderful. we are re doing our home and adding interior and exterior locks,,,we will only use them!!!!!!!!n Ric and Jocelyn C.

4-7-2012 review from Service Magic by Arnold G. of Camarillo

Came immediately, worked quickly, friendly and courteous.

3-25-2012 – review from Yelp by Roland G.

My son had locked himself out of the house and needed to go to class ASAP.  We were out of town so we could not provide assistance. I searched Yelp for a good locksmith and read excellent reviews about Brucar Locksmith, so I decided to give them a try.
I called Joe (Joseph) and explained my son’s situation to him.  He was very professional over the phone.  Joe provided a very quick response and was at my son’s side in 20 minutes.  He was very courteous and professional and my son was very impressed, comfortable and was able to easily handle the whole transaction himself.  Joe charged a very fair price and was finished in no time flat.
My son was only a few minutes late to his class due to Joe’s timeliness and there was no damage to anything in and out of the property.
Brucar is the locksmith for our family as long as they are open.  Highly Recommended!!!!!

3-11-2012 – review from Service Magic by client in Thousand Oaks

Extremely cordial, professional and new exactly how to fix the issue.

3-5-2012 recommendation from Brucar Locksmith Facebook Page

Joe & Amy are the best they make me look like the Hero everytime – Pete Daradics, Realtor

2-21-2012 – review emailed directly to Brucar Locksmith

“We were new to Brucar locksmith and are now, very satisfied clients. Rarely do small businesses display old fashioned traditional values and service.
Brucar Locksmith was everything you’d hope for in service and professionalism. We intend to refer them to our friends. After allowing them to help with your lock needs, I expect you will be doing the same.”
~Ed Albrecht

1-31-2012 – review from Angie’s List by Frank Y of Thousand Oaks

They arrived on time, were quick, clean, very courteous.  They have become our locksmith of choice.

12-15-2011 – review from Angie’s List by Mike L of Thousand Oaks

It’s refreshing when a repair/service company shows up when they say they will and finishes the job quickly and, most importantly, correctly.  In the area where we previously lived, this was a major problem.

Based on this experience, I would highly recommend Brucar Locksmiths to anyone needing lock service.

11-26-2011 from Yelp by Sheridan W. of Thousand Oaks

This afternoon I took in a footlocker with a broken, locked-shut lock.  Joe immediately greeted me, gave me an estimate before he started working, and he carried the footlocker from the car into the store for me.  He opened it in about  15 minutes and charged me exactly what he quoted me.  I’m new to Thousand Oaks and I’m glad to know there is a reliable and professional locksmith in the neighborhood.  I highly recommend Brucar Locksmith.

10-13-2012 review from Yelp by Denise P.

After searching on Yelp for a local locksmith, I called Joe at Brucar Locksmith.  So friendly and helpful!  He made me an appointment for the very same day.
I was having trouble replacing a broken door handle.  I had purchased the new handle and lock from Home Depot, but was struggling to install it.  Joe made the appointment and called me when he was on his way just as he said he would.  Joe fixed my front door lock, it stuck, and rekeyed some other locks for me too.  The new door handle and lock were installed within five minutes!Joe, you are the best!  I will be recommending your service to all of my friends and family!  Thanks again!

8-25-2011 – review from SuperPages by client

I had to get a key copied for my boss, Home Depot and Do-It Center didn’t hold the specific key blank (it’s rare). This was the only storefront locksmith in the area. Not only did they have what I needed, it only took about 5 minutes, and the key worked PERFECTLY, but the owner is such a friendly, personal lady! Highly recommended.

5-23-2011 –  thank you emailed directly to Brucar Locksmith after giving advice over the phone

“I want to thank you for your help on Saturday when I locked my car keys in my trunk.  You saved me about $140 that day. I took Joe’s suggestion and had my friend drive me over to the Nissan dealership in Oxnard (she needed to go to Frye’s anyway which is right next door).  They made me a plain door key for $9.95 & researched the car model to find the inside trunk release for me.  I opened the door with the key, released the trunk and ‘voila’, there were my car keys lying right inside the trunk laughing at me. I canceled the roadside assistance service which saved my insurance company a bunch of money.  Thanks again.  You really helped me even though you didn’t physically come out to unlock my car.”

~Andrea McFadden

5-17-2011 – review from Yelp by Joel R. of Newbury Park

I am a property manager in Thousand Oaks. Brucar has saved me more than I can express. Just last week I called Joe to make a key for a tenant occupied property. To my surprise, he actually contacted the tenant,  went to the house, made the keys and droped them off to me. That is so far above and beyond what the other locksmiths will do, im proud to have him on my team! Use Joe, you will not be sorry!

4-5-2011 – review from Angie’s List by Janet E of Thousand Oaks

I was very happy with them and I would use them again. The locksmith was really great. He was willing to go the extra mile. It wasn’t just a job for him. It seemed like he was really good at what he did. His price was very fair too.

3 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Marty at 2:04 AM #

    I had an unusual key that OSH was unable to duplicate. I searched the internet and discovered Brucar Locksmith not too far away. I met a very cordial and professional Amy, and of course she was able to duplicate my key in record time. I know where to go if I have needs in the future, and I will definitely recommend Brucar to family and friends.

    • brucarlocksmith at 1:38 PM #

      Thank you for taking the time to write a review of our business! It makes a big difference and we appreciate it immensely. We are proud to be a locksmith where our neighbors can come in, or call, and receive knowledgeable, efficient, professional service. Thanks again and also thanks for passing our info on to your friends and neighbors. Our trucks are 24/7 in case of an emergency so put the # in your phone, and know that Brucar Locksmith is here for you:) 805-241-0777

  2. mikan at 5:55 PM #

    Richard and I want to express our gratitude for a job well done last night. It was amazing how fast you were able to secure parts in a mere few hours when we were told it would take a week, have all the master and sub master keying done on such short notice. You will definitely receive our recommendation on future projects.

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